Dermaheal HL (5 ml x 10 vials)

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Dermaheal HL offers a guaranteed, non-surgical hair loss solution to both men and women. This first-rate anti-hair loss mesotherapy product is produced by Caregen and it features a combination of beneficial amino acids, vitamins and a biomimetic peptide complex that not only prevent hair loss but also stimulate hair regrowth and improve and strengthen the structure of hair follicles.

Good candidates for a Dermaheal HL treatment are:

As a highly pure and incredibly effective hair regain mesotherapy product, this injectable solution can be used on men and women, delivering equally impressive results. Some of its actions include:

  • Eliminating various scalp problems;
  • Reducing hair loss;
  • Stimulating hair regrowth;
  • Boosting hair’s fullness and thickness;
  • Excellent hair nourishing properties;
  • Scalp moisturization;
  • Improvement of blood circulation in the treated area

A standard treatment with Dermaheal HL features one injection session per week. During each session, only one vial is used (5ml of the product). The first results can be seen just 6 weeks after the first mesotherapy session. It should be noted that this product can deliver satisfactory effects to patients who suffer from a genetic, stress-induced and other types of hair loss, including such caused by alopecia.

Does the treatment involve any pain?

The application of Dermaheal HL involves the use of a microneedle roll and it does not cause any serve discomfort or pain. Typically, patients can get back to their daily routine immediately after the injection procedure. Side effects are rare because all 56 of the active ingredients found in this product are biocompatible and they stimulate hair regrowth in a natural and gradual manner.

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