Monalisa Mild HA Filler Lidocaine 1 x 1 ml

€ 39





While dermal fillers are not something to “cheap out” on, Monalisa Mild Type is a rare example of affordability not at the expense of quality. The filler is made from the highest quality Hyaluronic Acid (non-animal origin) and despite its affordable price tag is very effective at removing shallow wrinkles and fine lines, overall reversing or at least hiding the effects of aging, as well as the negative results of environmental effects such as pollution, sun exposure or lifestyle factors like lack of sleep and fatigue.

Monalisa Mild Type filler – features

This is a soft dermal filler, with a smaller grain size of 400µm. This predetermines its properties, especially the viscoelasticity, making it a very good choice for injection in areas with lots of muscle contractions like the lips or the area around the mouth, as well as a filler for removing Crows feet. Natural results can be easily achieved when injected in the superficial layers of the skin and this HA gel is perfect for restoring the natural volume of the patient’s cheeks. Further, it can be used for ear augmentation.


  • Purified, non-animal in origin Hyaluronic Acid (crosslinked structure)
  • No BDDE
  • Comes in a prefilled ergonomic syringe with a needle
  • Manufactured by innovative and safe processes
  • Up to size months duration effect

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